Velocity Films is a professional production team, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, and most extreme varmint hunting videos available. Whether you’ve been hunting varmints for years, or just dying to give it a try, these high action films should be considered must-see!


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10 comments on “Home

  1. John Force on said:


  2. Mr. Quigly on said:

    Good job guys… keep the videos flowing.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    The olny better film I could imagine would be feeding environmentalist types to hungry wild Wolves.


  4. Dusty Road on said:

    What caliber(s) do you guys use? 204, 22-250 223 17HMR anything else?

  5. We’re can I buy that movie ?

  6. Elias Gibson on said:

    This the best shooting video I ever saw

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I’m not opposed to hunting and I understand there isn’t any shortage of prairie dogs but this just isn’t necessary.

    • Why? It’s the most painless possible way to go. A smaller round has the chance of just causing a painful wound or a slower death – this is instant disintegration, the most painless way to go.

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