Velocity Films is a professional production team, dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, and most extreme varmint hunting videos available. Whether you’ve been hunting varmints for years, or just dying to give it a try, these high action films should be considered must-see!

Click here for our most popular video: The 50 BMG vs Varmints

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  1. John Force


  2. Mr. Quigly

    Good job guys… keep the videos flowing.

  3. Anonymous

    The olny better film I could imagine would be feeding environmentalist types to hungry wild Wolves.


  4. Dusty Road

    What caliber(s) do you guys use? 204, 22-250 223 17HMR anything else?

    1. DogBeGone

      Well, there is the 50 Mag!

      1. Rick Olson

        I have been going back to this movie for several years now….It is the greatest!

  5. Matt

    We’re can I buy that movie ?

    1. DogBeGone

      The videos are available to download @ http://dogbegone.com/order.htm

  6. Elias Gibson

    This the best shooting video I ever saw

  7. Anonymous

    I’m not opposed to hunting and I understand there isn’t any shortage of prairie dogs but this just isn’t necessary.

  8. Anonymous

    This is sickening. We are animals just as they are yet, we are the only species to needless kill the way we do. Does shooting these animals for sport make you feel better about your life? If so, you have a sad life. Your sight says, “There are many valid environmental reasons for controlling the population of Prairie Dogs by hunting.” Remember, the Prairie Dog is a keystone species. If you wipe them out with your thoughtless activities, a lot of unintended consequences will emerge. Also, a lot of scientific research has shown that hunting the prairie dog, even for sport, does not solve the problems. It seems, people are ignoring that issue or they get a kick out of murdering innocent animals. I’m not a strict environmentalist. I am a human. I don’t advocate strict vegetarianism. We are omnivorous so we need other animals to get our needed nutrition. This however, is ridiculous.

  9. Anonymous

    Sweet videos. I’ll definitely be ordering these videos from your website!

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